The government has introduced a new Kickstarter scheme to help get young people back to work.

So what was announced?

If you are an employer and create new jobs and employ Kickstarter (Age 16-24) government will pay six months salary (25 hours @ minimum wage). The government-funded element only covers the National minimum wage for 25 hours a week. The minimum wage is currently £8.20 an hour for those aged 21 to 25 £6.45 for those aged £18-£24 55 to 16 and 17-year-olds

The scheme is open to people who are claiming universal credit and at risk of long-term unemployment, these people will be identified by DWP with employment coaches using the flexible and tailored approach to assess the individual’s needs. This means the most guaranteed payout anyone employing a Kickstarter can get over the entire six months is about £5000. Employers can top this money/hourly rate up if they want.

Will the job end after six months?

Yes, it will. The hope is that some people will be taken on by a firm that employed a Kickstarter.

What the problems?

It is only work placements rather than full-blown well-paid jobs and there’s nothing to force firms to pay a Kickstarter above the minimum wage or keep them on. The scheme is only open to under 25’s.

Any help to employ an apprentice?

If you are an employer and employ apprentices, the government will pay £2,000 (for under 25s) and £1500 (for over 25s)
If you are an employer and employ trainees, the government will pay £1,000 (for under 25s) and £1500 (for over 25s)

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